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Camp List

We are excited that you are interested in camps at Summer Cove! All of our in-person camps are listed below by the week that they are offered. Camps run from 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM (drop off begins at 9:00 AM). We offer morning care starting at 8:00 AM for an additional $10/day and aftercare until 5:00 PM for $15/day). To register for a camp, please go to the Registration page. Please note, there is an additional, one-time $30 registration fee per camper that will be processed and sent over after registration is completed.  

Any person registering must read the CAMP PACKET prior to registration.

Week One

Week One (June 20th - June 23rd)
**4 day week due to holiday - no camp Monday**


Clash of Clans


Your clan is being attacked and pillaged by an enemy group - what do you do? In this strategy based camp, you will compete in activities to earn resources to help build up your base and protect your land. Team up with neighboring groups to form alliances, conquer territories by winning challenges and earning supplies, and build up your forces to make your clan the strongest of them all. Will your clan end up defeating all its enemies and conquering the land?

MasterChef Junior


Have you always had a taste for unique flavors? Is your taste palette advanced beyond your years? Do you feel at ease when you’re in the kitchen? Now’s your time to showcase your culinary abilities and passion for food through a series of delicious challenges. Test your leadership skills when you take charge of your team for a variety of dishes and treats.


Shark Tank


Got a business idea? A life-changing product that everyone needs to know about? Spend the week developing your idea, learning about brand and how to market the idea, and present it to the Summer Cove Sharks to get their investment. At the end of the week, we will have an open market for the other campers to come check out your product/service. Will your idea soar like Apple or will it flop like Zune? (Don’t know what Zune is? Exactly.)

Week Two

Week Two (June 26th - June 30th)


Ultimate Challenge


Do you think you have what it takes to compete in the Ultimate Challenge? This is a week filled with various challenges, where you compete to earn the most points by the end of the week. Participate in team based activities such as the Summer Cove Escape Room,  cooking competitions, outdoor relays and much more! When you aren't competing as a team, we challenge you to earn points by completing winning individual tasks throughout the week. Who will come out on top and win the Ultimate Challenge?

Unique Sweets


Calling anyone with a sweet tooth: Get ready to hack your kitchen to create amazing and decadent treats that will make your mouth smile! This camp is for anybody who wants to expand their baking skills, or just for somebody who loves to eat delicious treats! Learn how to make delicious and unique desserts to share with all your friends.


CSI (Crime Scene Investigation)


Ever wondered what it takes to solve a crime? Think you've got what it takes to hunt down the suspect? Well, then you're in luck! Summer Cove is hiring a new team to look into a cold case and we need YOU to help us solve it. With a chance to speak to real-life crime scene investigators, campers will be involved with every phase of the process, from the crime scene investigation to the criminal trial.

Film Producers


Lights, camera, action! Get ready to learn how to make your own movies in this camp. You will learn how to write a script, set up a shot, and edit video in order to produce a short film by the end of the week. Campers will work in small teams to bring their ideas to life on the big screen and work with videographers in the field to learn how to shoot and edit. No prior knowledge required to take this camp.

Week Three

Week Three (July 3rd - July 7th)
**4 day week due to holiday - no camp Tuesday**


Just for Fun


Life can be really stressful, but at Summer Cove, we understand the importance of doing things just for fun. That’s why this camp is filled with activities with the sole intention to have fun. Tired of Pictionary? Spice it up by drawing with pudding! Bored with regular, old Tag? Start an all out color war with your fellow campers. Build an epic pillow fort, find the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe, try to break a world record; the possibilities are endless. The only requirement for this camp is that you do what kids should do best: have FUN!



Put on your goggles and throw on your lab coats - it’s time to bust some myths! Have you ever wondered if toast will always land butter side down or is yawning actually contagious? Well, your curiosity just earned you a spot on the Mythbusters team! This camp will test myths, science experiments, and urban legends that you have always made you question the world around you.


Digital Art and Design


Have you ever thought about who comes up with the designs on cereal boxes? What about who creates logos of all of the most famous brands? The art of graphic design allows you to expand your creativity and design things you never could have imagined. This digital art and design camp will teach you all of the basics in graphic design, learning how to edit photos and how to use different programs to create the graphics you want.

Edible Art 


Forget what you've been told - in this camp, we want you to play with your food! Get ready to get your hands messy as we make everything from edible terrariums to jelly bean bouquets. Satisfy your creativity and your insatiable sweet tooth with a week of sweets and treats that could be hung in a museum.

Week Four

Week Four (July 10th - July 14th)


Game Show


Congratulations! You’ve been chosen to participate in Summer Cove: The Game Show. We hope you are up for the challenge! This camp is for anyone who loves solving puzzles, thinking outside the box, and WINNING! Campers will get to participate in fun challenges from the latest game shows and some Summer Cove classics. “So come on down” because the “survey says” you would love this camp!

Nailed It! 


Based off the popular Netflix show, Nailed It is a camp for the innovative bakers with hopes of creating edible masterpieces (even if they don't turn out as planned). Spend the week attempting to make out-of-this-world sweets that look like they belong in a museum. This camp is for both experienced bakers as well as beginners who have never touched a spatula. See if you have the creative skills it takes to pull off these incredible desserts! 


Discovery Cove


Have you ever wondered how an elevator works? Interested in learning how to make s’mores with only the sun? Then head on over to Discovery Cove, where you'll spend the week engaged with various STEM activities and experiments. Campers will be introduced to new concepts, dig in deeper to subjects they're already passionate about, and engage in problem-based challenges connected to the real-world that highlight concepts in mathematics, science, and engineering.



Have you always had a fascination with the way things move? Do you prefer animated movies to live-action blockbusters? Now is your time to learn the basics of animation! From flipbooks to gifs, this week you will learn how to make animations in a multitude of mediums. This beginner friendly class will teach the basics that all animators need to know, from how to use the software, learning about frames, and more!


Summer Leadership Program (SLP) **Rising 10th & 11th Grade


What does it mean to lead? Summer Leadership is a special program at Summer Cove that is catered to an older audience - giving our rising 10th and 11th grade students an opportunity to learn what it means to be a leader. This two week program has two parts: one week of leadership training which consists of team building exercises, self reflection activities, and opportunities to grow and develop their leadership skills and one week (of their choosing) to work at Summer Cove alongside the teachers and assistants to get hands-on experience putting what they learned into action. Application Required.

Week Five

Week Five (July 17th - July 21st)



Do you think you have what it takes to survive being trapped on an island with nothing but your wit and natural resources? Don’t worry, we won’t be going to that extreme, but you will need to bring your A-game to compete in difficult team challenges with your tribe. Throughout the week, you will sharpen your leadership and teamwork skills in order to be the tribe on top.


As Seen on TV


Have you ever watched a TV show or movie and thought, "Wow, that food looks so good, I wish I could eat it!"? Well, now you can! Across the week, campers will create cuisines from their favorite movies and shows, bringing the food from the screen right to their plate. Whip up some arepas from Encanto or maybe chow down on some of Tiana’s sweet beignets. Whatever you do, be sure to bring your appetite!



Calling all coders: Don't miss your opportunity to put your engineering mind to the test in our Robotics camp. Campers will spend the week collaborating with a team to build and code a robot to compete in a variety of challenges. Use block coding to teach your robot to travel through mazes or maneuver through obstacle courses; the possibilities are endless. Never dabbled in coding before? Not to worry! This camp is both for beginners and more advanced coders.


Studio Art


Calling all finger-painters, sketchers, painters, and stick figure drawers alike! You don’t need to be the next Picasso to make artwork that is 100% refrigerator-worthy. From watercolor and canvas to calligraphy and oil paint, there are plenty of mediums for you to explore within this class. This is the time to let your imagination fly onto the canvas! Over the week, each camper will be able to develop their own artistic style!

Week Six

Week Six (July 24th - July 28th)

Cupcake Wars


Grab your apron and your appetite for a challenge! This week, you’ll go head to head against your fellow bakers to see who can create, bake, and design the best cupcake. Face a unique theme every day and work together with your team to add your own spin on the classic confectionery treat. Bring your creative and competitive side!


Hogwarts House Cup 


ACCIO HOUSE CUP!! Whether you are in the Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Gryffindor house, there is no doubt that this is the perfect camp for you! Packed full of Harry Potter inspired activities and team challenges, campers will work together to earn house points throughout the week in an attempt to win the coveted Hogwarts House Cup. Activities range from Quidditch matches to potion brewing (and maybe even a break for Butterbeer!)

Gaming & Coding


Get ready to invent! Spend the week working with your hands, learning how to create your own interactive game using a Makey Makey: an electronic invention tool that allows users to connect everyday objects to computer programs. This camp will teach you about physical computing with simple circuits, giving you a chance to design your very own interactive game pad for a new way to play games!


How to Survive a Zombie Apocalpyse


Hello? Is anybody out there? Are there any other survivors? The end of the world is upon us as the dead roam the earth. As one of the few remaining non-infected, you will need to learn how to survive in this zombie-infested world. Across the week, you will learn emergency preparedness, first aid skills, and practical survival skills. You will need to do everything you can for the survival of your clan, searching for necessary items (such as food, water, and shelter) and navigating tough challenges that will give you the essentials to possibly defeat the walking dead.

Week Seven

Week Seven (July  31st - August 4th)

Amazing Race


This camp is for the team player out there who dreams of traveling the world. Just like the popular TV show, our Amazing Race camp centers around teams competing in different challenges in order to win a prize. You will need to think outside of the box to solve problems and work together with your team to complete complicated tasks. Do you have what it takes to race around the world with your team?


Cooking Around the World


Bon Appetit! Delicioso! Yum! Bring your passport and spend the week traveling around the world, tasting a variety of cuisine from Japan, Italy, Spain, and more! Learn about the cultures while you make traditional dishes such as mochi, samosas, and crepes. Walk home with a collection of recipes to WOW your family and friends.

Puzzle Masters


On your marks… get set… SOLVE! Are you someone who appreciates the thrill of answering a tricky riddle? Or maybe you just love to stretch your brain and work through mind-bending challenges. Well then look no further, because we have the most puzzling camp yet! Spend the week knee-deep in riddles, puzzles, and challenges that stretch your mind’s limits such as escape rooms, geoguesser, murder mysteries, and more! So, get your thinking cap on and bring your sharpest A-game.


Digital Photography


Think you’ve got an eye for photography? I’m not taking selfies, but setting up the perfect shot to capture a moment. In this camp, you will learn the basic functions of a camera along with composition tips to improve their photography skills. From aperture to shutter speed, you will learn one on one from a professional over the course of this week. Walk away with professional tips and tricks to taking the perfect photo and learn industry standards for editing photos using Adobe products.

Week Eight

Week Eight (August 7th - August 11th)

Impossible Mission


Do you have what it takes to be a secret agent? Are you stealthy? Agile? Can you outwit your enemies? Across the week, test your endurance, your strength, and your coordination in this high-intensity camp. Challenge yourself and others in various activities such as Capture the Flag, relay races, and obstacle courses that will push you to your limit. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to complete every task given to you throughout the week to become Summer Cove's top agent.




Get out your chef's hat and apron! We are spending the week testing your culinary skills by creating delicious cuisines with unique twists. Each day, campers will be given a particular food item that will be incorporated into various dishes to make appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Bring your creativity and your appetite!



Have you always had a fascination with the way things move? Do you prefer animated movies to live-action blockbusters? Now is your time to learn the basics of animation! From flipbooks to gifs, this week you will learn how to make animations in a multitude of mediums. This beginner friendly class will teach the basics that all animators need to know, from how to use the software, learning about frames, and more!


Now Streaming


Don’t miss out on our most binge-worthy camp yet! In this camp, we’re bringing popular television shows to life, and they’re all starring YOU. Make your way through the Upside Down to find your lost friends, survive a Series of Unfortunate Events with all of your limbs still intact, and make your way to the All-Valley tournament with team Cobra Kai. This camp features a variety of activities including team relays, food challenges, and even a surprise visit from some scaly friends. Put down the remote and climb through the screen instead!

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